wellness power to you!


Thrive Mind and Body works with you to own your wellness and live your best life.

Personal Life Coaching

Wellness goes beyond the body being in balance, free from illness and pain.

Massage Therapy

At Thrive Mind and Body the offering goes well beyond a brilliant massage.

Goal Setting

Do you feel you’re lacking direction or purpose?

Thrive Life Coaching

Finding bad habits hard to break? What are the tools you need to grow?

Wellness power

Liam’s strengths spring from his capacity for deep listening…

Wellness toolkit

Bodywork is an art. Liam has mastered it.

Thrive Life Coaching

Truly thriving in mind and body requires a toolkit of knowledge, modality, and experience.

Liam Walsh’s bodywork career has seen him work with over 3,000 people – from mums and dads to elite athletes.

The gems he has in his toolkit to support you to thrive, are second to none.

Thrive Mind and Body is based in Yaroomba (next to Coolum) in the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Australia.


Thrive Mind and Body works with you to own your wellness and live your best life. 

A trusted, authentic, skilled and intuitive practitioner and coach, Liam’s strengths spring from his capacity for deep listening and knowing where to go from there.

It’s this experience coupled with a deep curiosity and big heart that sets Liam’s bodywork and coaching apart.

Introductory Offer

60-minute Mobile Massage

Receive a 1-hour massage in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

More Details

Enjoy a therapeutic massage at home.


90-minute Mobile Massage

Enjoy the benefits of therapeutic massage. No need to leave your house. 

More Details

This session is 1.5 hours long. There are more options on the Massage page. Choose the right one for you.


2-hour couples massage

Indulge yourself and someone special. Enjoy a 60 minute massage each, done consecutively.

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Great value for a couple. 


About Me

I’ve worked with elite athletes to heal and for peak performance, and I’ve worked with dads struggling with depression and low mood which holds them back in life.

The common thread in everyone I see is that when I have the opportunity to empower people to own their wellness journey and their mindset, I simply bring my toolkit and myself to support and then watch them grow and flourish.


“I felt at ease with Liam as he had a true understanding of my condition and how best to treat it. Suffering for many years with scoliosis, I left feeling awakened and a whole lot lighter. Liam was generous with his time and knowledge (and is a really good human).”
Michelle White

“Liam Walsh is very professional. He takes a good history and listens. He does myofascial release techniques and trigger point therapy and knows a lot about anatomy and physiology. I highly recommend Liam – and I am a medical practitioner.”
Sushmita Hunter

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