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…wellness power to you!
Wellness Power To You!

Wellness goes beyond the body being in balance, free from illness and pain.

Wellness is holistic and recognises the intimate dance our mind and body engage in every day, and the power we have to influence both, for our own empowerment.

In over a decade of working with clients, I’ve noticed often it’s the same barriers in people that hold them back from truly thriving:

Negative self-talk

Negative self-image

Lack of clear direction or purpose


Trauma based patterns of thinking

Doing the same thing and expecting different results

Lack of a growth-mindset

Lacking the tools to support growth

Thrive Approach

Asking the right questions is an art, and Liam has mastered it – guiding you to find the answers within in order to overcome your blocks to becoming the best version of yourself.

Purpose is a much-used word in the coaching world, because without it, without your north star that fuels you forward in life, you can become stuck.

Liam’s success in unlocking your purpose is the start of a new relationship with your life.

Mapping and charting the course forward to continue to work towards your purpose, through daily goals, activities and longer-term goals, Liam works with you to ignite and lock in a growth mindset, self-care routines, goal setting challenges, and plans to keep you on your path.

Liam Walsh is a life coach

How It Works

Schedule a 1:1

There can be a million statements that build a narrative in our minds to convince us this is not that important, that we’re doing just fine as we are, or that we are selfish if we really start to look at how we are living.

Liam starts here and works on the story you want to live. Not the one that’s running the show now.


Choose a Coaching Plan

We know that if we don’t make change happen, then things stay the same. The early discomfort we feel as we take ownership of our wellness and our capacity to truly thrive in life, is quickly diminished as we start to see results.

Reach Your Goals

Liam will have you seeing those results fast – propelling you onwards with confidence and trust in yourself and the process.

Free Introductory Session

Book a free 20-minute session with Liam to begin your wellness journey. 

More Details

The first step is always the hardest. In this session, Liam will work with you to create a wellness plan. Find your north star.

1-hour Coaching Package

This is a great session to fit into your schedule. It builds on your Introductory Session to work on the next steps on your growth path.


More Details

To reach your goals, you’ll need a plan. Liam will work with you to define your goals. Then create a strategy to keep moving forward. They can be daily or longer-term, whatever is going to suit you.

2-hour Coaching / Massage Package

A combination of life coaching and massage that connects mind and body. Rejuvenate your body and mind in the one session.


More Details

“Truly ‘listening to’ and feeling your body through massage brings greater connection to your heart and soul. This increased connection, in turn, leads to greater clarity of mind for your life coaching session that follows your massage.” – Liam

3-hour Thrive Coaching Package

Dive deep into your wellness plan. Work with Liam to detail the steps to reach your goals. Develop the strategy and tactics that form your health and wellbeing plan.


More Details

You can choose to dive deep in a 3-hour half-day workshop or alternatively choose 3 ‘one-hour’ sessions over consecutive weeks.

5-hour Thrive Coaching Package

Unpack the blocks to growth, identify your wellness goals, create your self-care routines and set your goals!


More Details

You can choose to dive deep in a 5-hour full-day workshop or alternatively choose 5 ‘one-hour’ sessions over consecutive weeks.

This is a great way to build on your growth plan. This package is great value because you have the time to work through your goals.

Under the expert guidance of Liam, you will discover what tools and routines you can incorporate into your daily life.

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